18 March 2013


  1. I asked Sky to get the “Wicker Man” DVD for me 2 days ago, not knowing what it was about. It was on a list on my wall. Maybe John Moore told me to put it on a list a couple of years ago??
  2. “Alice in Sunderland” is referenced. (“Sunder”? to cut in two??)
  3. Sheep. In my original dream 10 years ago where I saw the White worm/snake, my father-in-law was stacking up dead sheep for burning because of “white muscle disease”.
  4. Mason Dixon. Obvious southern reference.
  5. Well. The snake is put into “The Well”. (See prophetic experience at “The Well” 2 days ago
  6. White. The snake is white, like the “Tremors” “graboid”, & my dream.
  7. Armor. It’s the armor that kills the snake more than the sword.
  8. Animal sacrifice is insufficient to break the curse.
  9. A lamprey is a parasite, (symbios spirit).

In Jesus,

Alabama Albright

First Follow Up to Revelation of the Celtic Stronghold in the South – March 2013 – Miles Wylie Albright

Dear Alabama Intercessor,

If you are getting this email it is because I consider you to be a serious intercessor/prophetic person who is connected to what the Lord is doing in the Southeastern U.S., and in Alabama in particular.

About ten days ago I sent out a 7 page document entitled: “The Revelation of the Celtic Stronghold in the Southern United States”. If you haven’t read it, and want to, it is at the bottom of this document. If you do not read it, delete this email for it will be meaningless to you.

I got a response to my first email from an East Texas intercessor I will refer to as “Becky”. She had some history in discerning the Celtic Stronghold, and even got a name from the Lord for it back in 1996: “Symbios”. An edited version of what she sent follows, but first I want to explain how the name “Symbios” is a confirmation that we are on the right track. To do so I will have to tell the following story:

About a week before Melanie’s first dream about the four copperheads, (two of which came from under the foundation of the house), I, (Miles Wylie Albright), dreamed about copperhead’s that could “swim” under the earth as a fish swims in water. In my dream, it took teamwork to kill the underground snakes. Meditating on these two snake dreams, I believe the Lord reminded me of a strong dream I had about ten years ago. I dreamed I saw my father-in-law stacking up dead sheep in preparation for burning them. He looked up at me and said, “White Muscle Disease”. Then I saw in the distance a white snake/dragon/giant worm that was about 80 feet long & was about three feet in diameter. It was “swimming” in & out of the soil with its body exposed in a sequence of arches sticking out of the soil. A short time later, my father-in-law’s neighbor installed a very large statue of just such a snake in his yard!

I believe we are dealing with something that is not of the second heaven, but is of the “under world”, the “deep”, the “abyss”. I believe the “white”, refers to the race of the gospel preachers who brought the gospel to the South. It was precious, and at the same time, deficient, in that it was polluted with the sin issues entrenched in Celtic Culture. “White Muscle Disease” is a disease that is caused be a deficiency in the soil, (lack of selenium), which causes weakness, and ultimately death in livestock. My “father-in-law” represents leaders under the “Law” who are seeing many casualties among the “sheep”, (people), but don’t know what the deficiency is that is causing the problem. (Fifty years ago, no one knew what caused “White Muscle Disease”.)

Dr. Tom Dooley often gives me valuable input when I have prophetic encounters. I called him with this prophetic sequence and he commented that I should get a movie made in the ninties by the name of “Tremors”. It is about a very large white “snake” monster that swims under the ground and emerges to swallow people whole. It is a cheap “B” monster movie genre and that eventually had two sequels and a “prequel”. After reading Becky’s response to my “Celtic Stronghold” email, I watched the third of the four “Tremors” movies. I was shocked when a classic redneck type character who is an economic parasite on a local business in the movie, refers to his arrangement as “Symbiosis”! With this confirmation in mind, read her observations and my follow up comments.

From Becky, 4 March 2013:

I have started reading with intent to digest, discern and divulge from these words. After the second and third readings I now have an explanation as to WHY I have been fairly "miserable" here in E. Texas. I never "felt" this misery much in South Texas (Rio GrandeValley on the Mexican Border as a child or in West Texas (Lubbock/Amarillo area).

Education-wise: teaching NEVER came easily in East Texas. (East Texas is the western-most part of what is known as the "Deep South") I was told through out my teaching career that the BrazosRiver (Brazos meaning "arms, laborers") draws a definitive line in the "quality" of education and just plain "living". West of the Brazos is more open, friendly, teachable and free to move around. East of the Brazos is for the most part closed, clannish, prejudiced. They choose to remain ignorant of most and stagnant…never leaving "home"…never moving upward in society… MIND you, this does not portray ALL of southern society, but the people of the South are strongly affected by this stronghold.

Years ago (about 1996) the Lord gave me a picture of a huge stronghold over East Texas and the rest of the South. He called this stronghold spirit SYMBIOS….showed me a network of "life scripts" that each segment of this rigid society is required to follow the role they have been assigned since ancient history….That would be the Celtic spirit. Whites must be either rednecks frozen in their vicious joking, hatred for blacks, liberals, rich folks and Yankees, guarding their junk-strewn territories with a vengeance, or part of the "fractured aristocracy" whose pride comes from their few past instances of grandeur…looking down on the ignorant "trash" across the tracks, looking down on the "help" as rattling around in mouldy old mansions, wearing the same tired hairstyles and having the same social life they have had for hundreds of years. It is practically a caste system…and no one crosses the line, apart from Christ. The blacks are taught in their churches to be victims…never being allowed to forget the slavery, and to always cry RACIST everytime they are called to accountability and responsibility.. Whites are taught to make "N" jokes, and stereotyping is rampant. They consistently refuse to allow blacks into their "proud, staunch, fundamentalist, Bible belt churches." The racial schism is huge and very painful. All ages and segments of society are tainted with it.

"Pore but proud" was commonly heard in my husbands family who is of a strong Scottish heritage…They were proud of their "hard work" but never really got out of their "pore but proud" existence. I honestly could not reconcile myself to these lines of thinking.

"Pore but proud" drives slowly up and down the rural roadways throwing out their beer cans and cigarette cartons….proving to society they drink beer. They throw cruel jokes at each other…demoralizing jokes….always looking to cut each other down with their words…just kiddin’ of course. Parents of school age children threaten teachers if their "kid don’t make good grades"…but they also don’t want to help their children with school work…they hated school themselves…and besides them teachers didn’t never larn them nothing anyway.

We are seeing a great deal of interracial dating and marriage…and both "sides" of the older generation are hostile about it. The generation of parents of these young people are just throwing their hands up…"ain’t nothin’ we can do about it…just all these out of wedlock babies being born…

SYMBIOS is a system of snakes that insinuates itself all over Southern society. Much warfare is needed…much preparatory prayer for that warfare must come first.

I am not well received here in E. TX….especially at my last school where I taught. KennardTX is one strong center of this spirit. But all of these very proud little communities who insist on their OWN way, thus dividing this county, are strong centers. One can feel the spirit of each community…and none of them are very pretty. to the revelation of the spiritual stronghold

Notes on “Symbios” spirit from April 11, 1996 – I just wrote as God gave….listing things

IDOLATROUS SPIRIT OVER HOUSTON COUNTY (Center of East Texas)….not pagan gods per se but

1. Our name, our position in community (good or bad)

2. Way of life

3. Our denomination

4. Our self-image (good, bad, real or false)

5. Our doctrine

6. Our circle of friends

7. Our clubs

8. Our spouse and his/her problems, needs and demands

9. One or more children and their problems/demands

10. Stoicism….keeping a stiff upper lip regardless

11. Deism…God has left me to my own devices. “God helps those who help themselves”

12. The way it has always been mentality. Anti change that would upset the county’s symbiotic relationship. Ecosystem of some who are in CONTROL and others who must be CONTROLLED. That’s just the way it’s always been.

13. An apple cart that must NOT be upset no matter WHAT.

14. Loud, macho men and beaten, down-trodden wives, wringing their hands with quivery voices

15. Silence and sense of “personal privacy” to the point of complete non-communication other than “hot enough for you?”….”What do you think of this weather?”

16. Isolation even in a crowd

17. False reverence toward God, through hushed silence, non-praise, somberness.

18. Insatiable need to gossip and be overly curious about one another but never involved with each other on a real basis.

19. Fear…don’t get too close

20. Poverty ….”We’re pore but proud.”

21. Infirmity…obsession with doctors and ailments

22. Death….”Ohhhh did you hear so and so DIED?”

23. Dependence and co-dependence but no true INDEPENDENCE

24. Usury- financial oppression

25. Pride with nothing to be proud of (redneck, ignorant, anti-education and proud of it)

26. False facades, empty interiors

27. Religious isolationism…my “religion” is a private thing between my God and me. (pride again)

28. I must be proven RIGHT.

29. I must look GOOD in the eyes of the community.

30. I must not be seen hungering after the things of God or going where I might get a touch from God. We just don’t do it that way here.

31. “Guru” spirit…Only one minister or ministry can do it right or meet my needs. Follow the man and not the Lord

32. Dwelling on past laurels (our HISTORY)

33. Our children’s success in things at the cost of others.

People-watching….”thar’s a STRANGER in our midst….be suspicious.” Or “Wonder what HE/SHE is doing here this time of the day?”

The revelation of SYMBIOS came June 18, 1996, following a prayer dealing with RETALIATION.

“Retaliation” came to me as a “hit from behind”…usually a hip or shoulders with the intention of creating a “seizing pain” Its purpose is to “get even” for having discerned enemy strongholds and having done the warfare which laid siege against those strongholds. If Retaliation is not discerned or dealt with at this point the enemy will seek human “vessels” to carry out plans to discredit God’s work, to harass, “put out of commission” those called to carry out His work, to put infirmities on them, to spread discouragement, despair, disruption. ..to create tragedies, deaths, catastrophes, financial and moral crises.

I saw another spirit while eating lunch with my husband in town that same day. I perceived its name to be SYMBIOS (from the word symbiosis, symbiotic relationship) where two or more things, or a whole ecosystem depends excessively on the other parts for its existence. This spirit is a DYSFUNCTIONAL symbiosis where ACTION PRODUCES RE-ACTION, AND RE-ACTION REINFORCES MORE ACTION. This action/reaction/action is EXPECTED among the citizens of the ecosystem under SYMBIOS. You have the CONTROLLERS who control the CONTROLLED. There are the dominant ‘GOOD FOLKS” who are good by name, family history, degrees of money, and what part of town they live in …what church they go to and what clubs they are in. There are the inferior “NOT GOOD” folks…white trash, blue collar, and blacks.

Prayer warriors who discern and combat these spirits are ANTI-SYMBIOTIC, as far as the local ecosystem is concerned. Those following God have their steps ordered by the Lord, but they challenge, threaten and upset the “BALANCE” of the symbiosis. They are NON-persons in the grand scheme of things, rapidly labeled among the “undesirables” but they are NOT harmed by this label. These are frustrating individuals because they neither ACT nor REACT to the social order. They are neither CONTROLLERS or the CONTROLLED.

With SYMBIOS comes a network of curses…word curses levied on the “inferiors” in the ecosystem:

Poverty, Ugliness, Inferiority, Infirmity, Stupidity, Tragedy, Deficiency, Death, Crisis.

Powerful, “Good” because of status, “In crowd”

Racism, oppression

With these word curses comes great PEER PRESSURE to stay in your place and keep your mouth shut or else…..

In SYMBIOS people have life scripts written for them by ancestral and historical influences. They have certain lines to say at certain times. They have certain body language and voice inflections for each situation, and to protect the SYMBIOS, they are EXPECTED to say and do these things all with the proper costumes and masks. CITIZENS OF SYMBIOS ARE BOUND.


Bind spirit of SYMBIOS. Break the power of the underling spirits that make up the SUPERSTRUCTURE…begin calling the CAPTIVES into FREEDOM IN CHRIST.

Prepare them to fight off RETALIATION. He lurks to get even. SYMBIOS does NOT like to be invaded, come against, or attacked. RETALIATION will come outside her walls to try to wipe you out …AFTER you have laid siege, keep your armor on and watch.

Symbios can also occur in dysfunctional families…with co-dependencies, enabling and household abuse. He can rule cities, counties and nations. He is the ruler of GANGS……He rules impure or obsessive relationships…abusive relationships. SYMBIOS becomes retaliatory should the system be broken down by anyone getting away. SYMBIOS sets to ‘stalking, harassing, vexing, etc.”

I believe God is giving us the name of the giant that controls all human relationships that are out of line with the word of God…..

First let me, (Miles Wylie Albright), comment that, of course the whole South is not under the degree of oppression that she describes here. Speaking for Alabama in particular, the northern part of the state is different from the southern, the rural is different from the urban, and something I have noticed, the racially integrated areas are different from the segregated rural areas. The cities of FL, and HuntsvilleAL in particular are not very “southern”. But rural FL is definitely unlike Orlando & Miami – they wear the title of ”FL Crackers” proudly.

Where there is racial integration, sometimes there has been progress made in racial harmony, even in rural areas. I was in a VERY country, half-black, half-white church last week pastured by an 87 year old black man who was a true father to the younger ministers in the church, black and white. (They ALL called him “Daddy”). It made me think the Lord was saying, “Who’s your Daddy now”?

Of course, there is still racism, on both sides, in the integrated areas. In the segregated white areas, it seems to me that the degree of latent racism against blacks is gradually decreasing, and racial intermarriage is having something to do with that. Also, some of the strongest white Christians in these segregated areas are adopting black children, and this is breaking barriers.

However, we have a huge problem that includes, but is much bigger than racism. What she has written under “strategies” we must carefully, and yet boldly consider. I believe that the real meaning of “Symbios” is that it is the name of an interlocking system that is much stronger in its monolithic unity, much as Babel was made strong by its unity. We must break up this system and “divide and conquer”.

Finally, remember that this monster was created by deficient and false teaching by church leaders and the revival and renewed faith among our “fathers under law” is a key to breaking up this entrenched horde. Do all you can to cast this vision to them. You may be rejected most of the time you try to break through to them, but those you win will be priceless cracks in the Enemy’s armor.

As usual, I am glad to get your feed back on this subject.

As One!

For the Savior,

Miles Wylie Albright

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What follows is an email I sent to “Becky” about some of my observations about the “Tremors” movies:



A lot of western type flicks have a Christian/Post Christian feel, a Church in the town somewhere, some “Help me sweet Jesus” cry at some moment of crisis, etc. These “Tremors” flicks refer to “The universe provides”, I Ching, and Indian Religion, but not so much as a tip of the hat to Christianity.

On the other hand, the only place where they are safe from the monsters is on rocky outcroppings. The monsters seem to be able to travel short distances above ground, but if you are even one foot onto a rocky ledge, (Christ), you are safe. There are underground rock barriers, (walls), that limit “El Blanco’s” travel.

Structures of man, basement walls, solid floors, buildings in general fall before it. Vehicles, (even a station wagon), are pulled under ground.

The “symbiois” reference in the early part of the third movie really impressed me.

Keep me posted if you get anything. I have the sense of destiny opening before me. I got a word in July 2012 that when we ran out of grass fed slaughter cattle, and our “plate was clean”, I’d be on the road in ministry, particularly raising up the walls around Alabama. About 5 yrs ago the Lord told me that I should “plan it”, I’d “be on a different planet”, when Sky is 16 & I am 61, which is 4 weeks from now.


Alabama Albright


For those who have ears to hear-

In December of 2010 I was in a NorthAlabamaNativeAmericanMuseum which had a small book store. I felt impressed to buy a scholarly work by Dr. Grady McWhiney: “CRACKER CULTURE – Celtic Ways in the Old South”. I had the feeling that the Lord was going to show me the roots of a stronghold in the Southeastern U.S.

The premise of the book was that the Southern U.S. was settled primarily by Celtic peoples, (Scotch, Irish, Welsh), and that the English were more dominant in the North. In Britain there had been conflict between these two groups for over a millennium. The author implied that the American Civil War was a continuation of this conflict.

He described several traits, mostly negative, that he believed were broadly typical of Celtic people. He believed they were responsible, in large part, for bequeathing these to Southern Culture:

1. Violence – Many Celts liked to fight… each other or whoever else was handy. Dueling was common to the extent that in the early 19th century, a guy wasn’t considered a man till he had fought at least one. (Andrew Jackson, of Scottish descent, fought five duels). Dueling was “the mother of invention” for the Bowie Knife, and by mid 19th century, a Southern man wasn’t considered dressed without a sheath knife and a brace of pistols. Feuding between families and clans was a common scenario. This became legendary among southern hillbillies. Celts made willing soldiers, though many lacked discipline and order. A hot headed southerner fired the first shot of the Civil War, but cooler heads in the North eventually prevailed, as predicted by Sam Houston at the war’s beginning.

2. Laziness – While the English intensively farmed their land, the Celts preferred to be herdsmen. The English were more clean, disciplined & orderly. The Celts were trashier. A Celt might spend his life crossing the same stream that the Englishman would build a bridge over immediately. In the South many men were too proud to do hard labor for another man. “Pore but proud” became the mantra of a self-inflicted curse. They preferred to follow their herds, though they weren’t much for winter care for their animals, which situation sometimes resulted in heavy losses during cold weather. Unfenced stock moving onto a neighbor’s land probably caused many a quarrel. Slavery in the South would never have become the institution it became but for the fact that it was not possible to hire white men to do such labor. So, in a sense, the sin of slavery was the economic child of the sin of laziness among whites who had had enough exposure to the gospel to know better. The “protestant work ethic”, which has brought prosperity the world over, was largely unknown at that time in the Celtic South.

3. Addiction – While the English, (and their cousins the Germans), brewed ales & beer, the Celts made hard liquor, (Irish & Scotch whiskeys are famous). Their children commonly had access to it and drunkenness was extremely common. Illegal whiskey stills and “runnin’ moonshine” in the south are the stuff of legend. Nascar was invented by moonshine runners. In the modern south, drug addiction is probably even more common than alcoholism, though it is obviously the same spirit, and the drug pusher is the “child” of the bootlegger.

4. A tendency to reject of Education, sound architecture, and the arts, (with the exception of music). The archetypal colonial mansions were rare. Many planters with the means to build nice homes did not. They had no desire or taste for the finer things. The south lagged decades behind the north in many arenas for this reason.

5. Incest, the ugliest of the negative Celtic traits – It’s possible to romanticize the first four traits in a hair trigger, cowboy, drunken but simple country boy type character. Hollywood has made it a cliche’. But incest is a patently ugly sin and the curse of inbreeding is unspeakable. Dr. McWhiney’s book describes the Celtic roots of the tradition of an unspoken acceptance of marrying within close family. The wry self-deprecating humor that is a Southern tradition even tries to joke about this: “You might be a redneck if you go to family reunions to pick up girls”, is how one wag put it. But we know it’s not really funny, even as we smile at such jokes. Uglier still, is the rarer extreme where the incest involves pedophilia and rape. Most Southerners know people who are unhealthy and a little off mentally because of being inbred.

I wasn’t far into this book when I called Ray Hughes, a friend and fellow minister who is both a Southerner and a Kentuckian of Celtic descent. Ray is quite the Southern history student and has a burden for the large number of Southerners mired in spiritual and economic poverty. On my recommendation, Ray ordered the book and we sort of read it together, finding much revelation as we did. Some of Ray’s insights were both painful and enlightening.

In July of 2012 two brothers who still don’t know each other called me separately within an hour of each other and called my attention to the “Deliverance” movie. I felt like the Lord wanted me to get the movie and watch it. Viewing it forced me to see the degradation of the Celtic peoples in their genetic inbreeding, sexual perversion, violence, ignorance and poverty.

September 15, 2012 I was at the “Redigging the Wells” conference in Birmingham, AL. We were marking the 49th anniversary of the SixteenthStreetChurch bombing. In the course of the event, a Dr. Carl Ellis spoke. Dr. Ellis is a college professor and also is an African American. I was transfixed by what he had to say.

Dr. Ellis said that he often speaks in predominately Black High Schools and that when he does he makes a point of telling the non-achiever teenage boys who wear their pants down so low that they are indecent that they may not know it, but they are “rednecks”! He said he tells them that the Celtic culture came into the South centuries ago and brought with them violence, addiction and laziness. He said the Celts were particularly good at getting other groups to adopt their culture and that the white redneck trailer trash have the same cultural origins as the crime ridden culture in “the Hood”. He was quite funny. He said that after such talks he often saw boys pulling their pants up!

I was blown away by what he said, for the “Cracker Culture” book had made the comment that the Celtic people were proficient at getting others to adopt their culture and indicated that modern whites in the south weren’t the only heirs of this lifestyle. As soon as Dr. Ellis left the lectern that day in September, I asked him, “Sir, have you ever heard of the book ‘Cracker Culture’?” He replied, “Yes. Most of what I just said came out of that book!”

I was amazed! I was at that time ministering frequently in a predominantly black church in Bessemer, AL, (I am white), and was trying to discern how to minister to black culture in Alabama. I realized then that the origins of many sin issues in the South came to both blacks and whites from the same source, the Celtic Culture.

The Lord has developed a pattern in my life of speaking to me on Feb 14th and 15th about what He wants me to focus on in the coming year. I’d like to go into what He spoke the last two years, but suffice it to say it now seems those years were in preparation for what He has given us for this year: Coming against the Principality in the South that was brought here by the same people that brought the gospel, the Celts.

On Feb 14th and 15th, of this year, the wife of a spiritual son of mine, Melanie Harmon, had two dreams about the CelticChurch. At the time, she had no natural knowledge of this subject, though I had talked to her husband, Shawn, about it at some length. When she told her second dream to Shawn and mentioned its subject matter, he knew he should call me immediately, which they did. Both they and I believe that it is a prophetic picture that she is black and he is white. The two dreams and a prophetic experience she had on the 19th follow:


Melanie Harmon “House of the Lord Dream” – 14 Feb 2013

I was standing on the land looking up at the House of the Lord. (It looked like an antebellum house). I began to walk around the right side of the house heading to the back yard. When I got there, I saw a copperhead snake lying in the yard. Immediately my brother, Tommy, (who served 22 years in the military), sprang out of the back door with a weapon (it was formed from metal and resembled an L-shaped knife). He killed the snake.

When I entered the house, I immediately became lethargic. My motions were slowed, and I had trouble picking up my feet. A phone on the wall (like a ‘70s model) rang and I reached to pick it up, but I had difficulty answering because my words were sluggish. I knew that I needed to go for help because the House of the Lord was under attack.

I managed to get out the front door to the porch, and I regained my strength. As I stepped to the edge of the porch, two more copperheads stuck their heads from under the cinder block foundation of the House of the Lord. I supernaturally jumped over them and ran for help. I began to cry out, “Elders, the House of the Lord is under attack!”

The streets began to fill up with Elders from many nations, cultures, and races. They all came to go up and defend the House of the Lord. Then one elder took me aside to talk to me. He was Caucasian with white hair, and he walked me under a Myrtle tree that was full of white blooms. As we walked under the tree, a snake fell out of the tree and grazed my back. It did not bite me, but I felt the length graze my back. I fell on it and pinned it under my back. I began to cry out to my husband, Shawn, “Help, pull me up…we are uncovered!” Shawn then awakened her from the dream.


Interpretation by Miles Wylie Albright, a fallible servant of God:

The antebellum house speaks of construction that was done in the South’s Celtic past but is still in existence today. The copperhead is the smallest and most common around our homes of all poisonous snakes. It can strike without warning and is quite dangerous. It represents an enemy so common we don’t take it seriously enough, the bad habits that many think are inherently and unalterably Southern. Love may well be the L-shaped weapon that can be used. The Church is not all bad; it has some warriors who have fought bravely. The back of the house may speak of the past, and Tommy and the L-shaped weapon could be a reference to Tommy Lee (T.L.) Osborne who graduated the day Mel had this dream. The 22 years reminds me of Alabama, the 22nd state, which is probably going to be the first to enjoin this battle.

Inside the house the lethargy, (supernatural sloth, lack of discipline), comes on her, which is the #1 Celtic trait. It’s a sad thing that as she emerges from the Church, she actually revives. But she now has a twofold attack on her from this principality under the ground. (About 10 days before her dream I dreamed of supernatural copperheads that could “swim” underground. They could only be killed by teamwork.) She has supernatural grace to jump over them as she moves out to try to deal with the issue.

She cries for Eldership, who come when she calls, and one in particular escorts her. The white man with the white hair, (supposed white “wisdom”), under the white Myrtle tree speaks to me that the whites, (largely Celts), who brought a deficient gospel to the south that has carried many to heaven but kept the Kingdom from coming on earth. Well intentioned leadership that does not discern this enemy will provide an official “covering”, but not a real one, for Shawn and Melanie are “uncovered”, and the snake barely misses her.

Melanie Harmon – 15 Feb 2013 – Celtic dream

Lucy Hughes (a serious intercessor), and I, (Melanie is devoted to intercession), were traveling throughout the city to secular events, (concerts, debates, talks, etc.). We would stand in the back and pray that the hearts of people would change.

Paul Hughes was traveling throughout the US giving State of the Church addresses. He reported that the CelticChurch is now meeting with the BaptistChurch. Applause erupts.

Interpretation by Miles Wylie Albright, a fallible servant of God:

Intercession in churches that have been like secular concerts, talks, and debates has brought about a conception in those times of intimacy with the Lord. The child conceived is this identification of the Celtic Stronghold that is just being born now, but after we have gotten victory with this strategy, it will be carried nationally to Fellowships who will applaud its success and learn from its example. Paul is an example of the kind of person who could do such a ministry, but I am sure that black ministers will also be essential.


17 Feb 2013 – HopeCultureChurch, (Birmingham, AL) Testimony by Shawn and Melanie Harmon.

1. Shawn and I shared our testimony of how we met and how our marriage reflects a picture of unity in the Body and the intense love of Jesus for the nations.

2. Mike Herron shared the message out of Luke 21:10 – “… ‘ethnos’ will rise up against ‘ethnos’…” and he also shared where Jesus went out to pray and came back and found his disciples sleeping.

3. Downton Abbey finale episode on PBS was about the British family visiting the North country to spend time with their relative who had married a Scottish man. The score for the entire episode was Celtic.


Melanie Harmon to Miles Wylie Albright – 19 Feb 2013

Last night I was driving home when you called. I had begun to feel increasingly tired. I began to feel like that dream, slow and lethargic.

Earlier yesterday, the wife of one of our intercessors had sent me a message that he was in St. Vincent’s hospital and needed to have bypass surgery for a blockage in a vessel in his leg. I remember being able to do a few things, but became more and more lethargic. At 8:22 PM I said I must call the hospital to check on Sean Moore, (the intercessor), as I lay my head on my pillow. At just after midnight, I was awakened with an sense of urgency to pray.

I realized that the lights had been turned out (which meant that Shawn had moved around the room and I had not felt it – very unusual). This signified the depth of my slumber. I began to hear the song, "Behold the Bridegroom, go out to meet him" by Misty Edwards in my spirit. I interceded for the Body of Christ for a while. Then I felt I was supposed to get up and look up the meaning of Sean Moore’s name.

Sean is a Celtic boy name. The meaning of the name is `God’s grace . In English it would be John or Shawn.

Moore is a French boy name. The meaning of the name is `Dark skinned`.

Interpretation by Miles Wylie Albright, a fallible servant of God:

Melanie, a slumbering American Black Christian Female, whose name also means “dark skinned”, represents the condition of the BlackChurch in our country. She has slept right up to the “Midnight Cry” and the return of the Lord, but there is “God’s Grace for the Dark skinned”, as represented by Sean Moore’s name. They have been lethargic and are also lame in one leg, but they can be victorious, (Vincent means “Victory”). Sean, being a Celtic name, and Moore, meaning “dark skinned” may reflect the Celtic influence on Blacks in the south.

The 8:22 time speaks definitely of Matthew 8:22 – “But Jesus told him, “Follow me and let the dead bury their own dead.” The Lord has been emphasizing to us recently that to have His hundred fold return we must be ready to leave behind those who have blessed us most up to the present moment. This means that the above victory will not happen if a person is loyal first to their traditional religion, their family, or their race. All minorities have faced some level of rejection by the majority, and thus necessarily develop codes of loyalty to the “us” that is their group. This idol will not be tolerated by the Lord.

Pope Benedict XVI at age 85 AND Caleb at age 85: A Prophetic Contrast
I want to say what I believe I am hearing in complete humility and respect for Pope Benedict XVI. I must say, however, that I believe the Lord has had me focusing on Caleb the last few days as preparation for the announcement of the Pope’s resignation. I do believe that his resignation reflects an attitude of humility, courage and selflessness. He is “breaking the mold” by putting practicality ahead of tradition.

The fact that the Pope gave his failing health at age 85 as the reason he is retiring stands in contrast to how Caleb, son of Jephunneh, described himself in Joshua 14:.

10 “Now then, just as the LORD promised, he has kept me alive for forty-five years since the time [shortly after the Exodus] he said this to Moses, while Israel moved about in the wilderness. So here I am today, eighty-five years old! 11 I am still as strong today as the day Moses sent me out; I’m just as vigorous to go out to battle now as I was then. 12 Now give me this hill country that the LORD promised me that day. You yourself heard then that the Anakites [GIANTS] were there and their cities were large and fortified, but, the LORD helping me, I will drive them out just as he said.”

What makes this so interesting to me is that the Lord had just shown me in the Bible that Caleb was descended from Kenaz, who was a descendant of Esau! Caleb was not an Israelite by birth, but had been adopted into the tribe of Judah. (Gen 36:10-11; Joshua 14:6; Numbers 13:6;) Caleb represents an overcomer in spirit as well as in the natural. The family of Esau had an inherent antipathy for the Israelites. Caleb overcame this racism, (a spiritual giant), and joined the people of God. He was apparently blessed with a supernatural rejuvenation for this and other choices he made. Also, he was described as being “of a different Spirit” by God Himself! (Num 14:24) Dude! What a compliment!

Caleb was from the family of the man Esau, who was given to the classic passivity of men, (he sold his birthright because dinner was late). Yet Caleb was so “unpassive” that he overcame family spirits and traditions and became an Israelite. Then, when the Israelites in large part abandoned the Lord, he was not moved by his “new tradition”, and chose to follow God even if it meant he had to stand alone! He was not anti-semitic (*) when he was an Edomite, but neither was he a slavish Israelite wannabe! He was doggedly faithful to God, come what may. As such, he was well named, for Caleb means “dog”.

How does this relate to the resignation of Benedict XVI ? I believe the great weakness AND the great strength of the Catholic Church is tradition. Tradition has given Catholics stability and heritage but it has also kept them from really dealing with the sins of their past and being “born again” again. Caleb as we have just seen was a man born into a strong tradition that he totally overcame for the sake of pursuing God.

The children of Esau were closer kin to Israel than any group, and yet their tradition of resenting Israel eventually culminated, at the end of the Old Testament, with God saying, “Esau I have hated.” (Malachi 1:3) God was not speaking of the man, Esau, (aka: “Edom”), but of the Edomites, the nation that had rejoiced when Judah was exiled. The Edomites were called “Esau”, just as the Israelites were sometimes called “Jacob”. Thus, Caleb had left a group that eventually degenerated to the point that they earned the hatred of God, and became one of the two most righteous men in the nation of God’s chosen people.

Once again we see the wisdom of Jesus’ rather startling words in Luke 14:26 –

26 “If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters—yes, even their own life—such a person cannot be my disciple.

Caleb made a high quality decision that made it appear that he hated his family. Even if your family members are believers, it is very likely there will be a point where you will have to choose between the traditions of your family and the will of God. If you do this with dogged faithfulness, you may well find yourself slaying other giants when you are 85.

Picture made in Huntsville yesterday at First Baptist Church. God is moving in Huntsville, AL.

Miles Wylie Albright

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Thought you might want to see this.

I think these are the most amazing photos I ever saw. This is a baptism I did of a young man on 11-15-09. (The water was COLD!)

There are three persons in these photos. One is dressed in red.

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