My name is Miles Wylie Albright. I am an Alabama Rancher/Pastor. I am ordained by MorningStar Ministries under Rick Joyner. I went to the Airport Vineyard Revival in Toronto, Ontario in late March of 1995. I was there, worshiping and being ministered to for five days. I returned home on 4-3-95, which was my 43 birthday. Frankly, I was a little miffed, not seeing the point of my trip. I resolved to set aside the next day to fast, pray, and wrestle with God. I prayed for a while but seemed unable to break through.

I eventually gave up and started doing my daily Bible reading, which I had gotten a little behind on in my travels. My scheduled reading for the day was the census chapters in the book of Numbers.

If you’re not familiar the first part of Numbers, it opens by counting the members of each of the twelve “regular” tribes of Israel. Strangely, each tribe’s count came out very even. The twelve were then totaled. Then, in a slightly different fashion, there is a separate count of the thirteenth tribe, Levi, by name. (They numbered 22,000). Last, the Lord told them to count the firstborn of Israel. This meant they numbered the first sons of every woman in the nation. They numbered 22,273. “That’s ‘odd’”, I thought, “in both senses of the word”. Then, in verse 46, the Lord said something else that was “odd”:

“To redeem the 273 firstborn Israelites who exceed the number of the Levites, collect five shekels for each one …” Numbers 3:46-47a

I looked up at the ceiling and said, out loud, “Lord, what does this 273 thing mean?” He silently spoke to me for the first time in a long time. He said: “This is the number of the Church – the Jew and the Gentile joined together into the “one new man”. The 153 great fish, (of John 21:11), are symbolic of the Gentile nations being harvested at the end of the age, and the 120 Jews in the following chapter, (Acts 1:15), is the Church. Added together they are the “273”, the “church of the firstborn whose names are written in heaven.” (Hebrews 12:23)

I was dumbstruck! I said, “Thank you! I’m glad I asked!”

At our next church service I told the congregation what the Lord had shown me. Their response was like the proverbial “calf looking at the new gate”. They were saying, basically, your numbers add up, but what does it mean?” My response evolved over the next few weeks. I said, “God is about to do something with regard to this, impractical as it seems, and I want to be standing there waiting when He does.” Shortly thereafter I committed to go to our church building to pray every day till Jesus came with some further insight.

Though the details will have to wait for another time, this is what transpired that fall, beginning 11-11-95. We were confronted with a strange fact. Three different men, (Charles Payne, Jr, Roger Halbrooks, and myself), had each previously had some prophetic experiences that had something in common. Charles had had a vision and Roger and I had had dreams in which we had seen dramas play out at real places beside three different actual highways, namely Interstate 65, and state highway 69 and US 231. The subjects of the dreams and visions all had to do with the Church. This is not too remarkable, but what stunned us, was that when we traveled to the actual real life sites on the three highways, they were all beside the same mile marker – you guessed it – “273”! And Charles’ and Roger’s had happened before the April 1995 revelation! Mine had happened in the fall of 1995, though I never thought to go to the actual site till Charles and I stumbled on it on 11-11-95. What’s more, when we got out the State map and plotted the three points, they formed a straight line! This line begins near Birmingham and ends near Guntersville. It is generally north and south though it leans to the east about 27 degrees and 30 minutes.

Three other prophetic experiences followed this that are a little too lengthy and complex for the scope of this story. These experiences pointed to three more points, all in a straight line with each other, and also in line with the midpoint of the first three points! This formed a perfect cross across North Alabama! We later came to realize that it leans because it is the Disciple’s Cross, and is to be carried on an ongoing basis as opposed to the Cross of Christ, which is a finished work.

February 1, 1997 at 1:30 am I was taking communion at our church building. I was alone with the Lord. As I held the elements, he spoke to me to look at a globe of the earth that was in the little class room I was in. At first I saw nothing – then I suddenly saw what He was saying! I knew at that moment what I could not prove objectively till I had rushed home and dug out some maps. If you start at zero longitude and face east, (which is customary in Hebrew tradition), then progress 273 degrees you will come to Alabama. Not only that, the “273 degree of longitude”, (which is between 86 and 87 degrees west longitude), runs right through the middle of Alabama. It is approximately 55 miles wide, but the awesome thing is, the cross we described is 53 miles wide, it sits in the middle of this band of longitude, AND DOESN’T TOUCH EITHER EDGE! It fits like a hand in a well tailored glove! As you can imagine, it was brought home to us that God is Sovereign over the affairs of men and the boundaries men have drawn on the earth.

About this time I had an unusual encounter with the Lord. It was like He had me sit down and read the Bible while He showed me things in a special way. First He showed me that the tribe of Levi is never numbered with the rest of Israel in a “grand total”. They were considered a nation apart, and yet within the greater nation Israel.

Next he showed me that the Levites were the servants of the priests. The priests (direct descendants of Aaron) were, of course, also part of the tribe of Levi, but the regular non-priest Levites, were there to serve the ones who were “priests”. The Levites toted wood, built fires, and slaughtered animals, etc. This facilitated the work of the priests who actually went into the presence of God.

Next the Lord reminded of the crucial truth that all Christians are priests – that we are a “kingdom of priests”, and our primary calling is to be intimate with God.

Then He showed me that “the five-fold ministry”, (Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers) are the “Levites of the New Testament”. This is because they “… equip the saints [priests] for the work of the ministry” (Eph. 4:11). They serve the priests, (all Christians) making God’s children better able and more prepared to enter the Most Holy Place of intimacy with God.

Then I got a definite impression to turn and read Acts chapter 27. I read it, even though it’s not one of my favorites. It’s the rather lengthy story of Paul’s trip to Rome in an ill-fated ship. Then I saw something I’d never noticed before: for some reason Luke suddenly inserts into his narrative the number of souls on board! To my dismay it is 276! I thought, “Lord, why didn’t you knock off three of those guys – this is so close!” He then spoke to me again: “Read it again.” When I did I saw that Paul, Luke and Aristarchus got on the boat in the first verses. Then I saw it! These guys were in five-fold ministry! They were New Testament “Levites”, and Levites are not numbered with Israel! Strange as this may sound, I believe the Lord said, “really there are 273 plus 3 people on board.” Is it coincidence that Paul and company are allowed to temporarily leave the ship in Acts 27:3, leaving 273 persons on board?

This whole 273 plus 3 revelation happened in one sitting. In one session, the whole thing, from the definition of Levites to the separation of the Levites, census wise, to the definition of New Testament “Levites” , to “now, go read Acts chapter 27”, and the 276 I found in it. It was quite a moment. But only later would I begin to recognize its significance.

On July 13th, 1996, Charles Payne was baptizing someone behind our church building in a stock tank we use for such purposes. The tank was beside the power meter on the back wall of the church. During the ceremony Charles Payne looked up and saw that the permanent customer number our local electric coop had affixed to our building six years previously was 2733! The feeling of being foreordained for such a time as this was overwhelming, to say the least.

On the first anniversary of the 273 revelation, 4 April, 1996, the Lord said he was going to give me 3 birthday gifts. Two are not the kind of thing I can share, but one is relevant to my over all story line: He told me that my birthday was the 273rd day from the END of the year. I counted it up and, of course, He was right. When I asked why it was not the 273rd day from the beginning of the year , He told me that leap year would mess it up every fourth year.

Then on 30 June, 1998, while in an early morning prayer meeting, the Lord spoke a large word to me that took me an hour to comprehend. He said that the day before my wife and I were married I was approximately six months older than she. However, the day we became one flesh, we became the same age, she having become about 3 months older and I three months younger, spiritually speaking. He then asked me what our average age was the day we got married, for that was our true age, spiritually, on that day. So I sat down and soon figured out that I had been 27 years, 7 months, 2 weeks and 0 days old on our wedding day. Barbara was 26 years, 11 months, and 4 weeks old and 0 days old on that day. Our average age on our wedding day was 27 years, 3 months, 3 weeks, and ZERO days! I was totally astonished, dumfounded, and for once – speechless! I recovered from the third but the first two prevail till this day.

[Dear reader, I hope you understand why it has been hard to write and publish this account. It is so about ME and MY marriage and MY church and MY state that it turns me inside out to write these things. Give me grace enough to get you to where this is going without being offended at the seeming selfishness of what I have to relate.]

For all you readers who are science buffs, the Lord has disclosed a couple of neat insights with regard to 273 that I think you will enjoy:

A Celsius or Centigrade thermometer is based on the way God made water and the human body. Our hands have ten digits, therefore we are on base ten in most of our math. The Centigrade thermometer has the freezing point of water as zero and one hundred, (from base ten), as the boiling point of water. So these degrees are based on something God built into water. Projecting down as cold as you can go to absolute zero, which is the point where there is no heat at all, and you are at – 273 degrees!

After one of our worship sessions, a prophetic country boy type named “Junior”, (wouldn’t you know it?), prophesied to Charles Payne that the Lord was saying that “’With the Lord, one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years are as one day’ and 273 is embedded in that statement, and you, Charles are supposed to figure out how!”

Charles checked his encyclopedia and found that a year is 365.244 days. Therefore, he could see that a thousand years was 365,244 days, which when divided into one day yields the number 0.000002737. When Charles brought this to me, he wanted to know the significance of the “7’. I remembered that Rick Joyner had said that there is a tendency for those who emphasize that the Lord is coming for a Bride without spot or wrinkle to say that He can’t be coming soon. They say the church is such a mess that it will take a long time for her to get ready. Rick said the Lord can perfect the church in one day because with the Lord “one day is as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day.” Since “273” is the number of the church and the number “7” represents perfection, the 2737 sequence is a prophecy embedded into “Earth Time” that the Lord can perfect His Church in one day.

On August 2, 1997 I felt the excitement of the Lord’s presence on Numbers Chapter Ten. I felt led to call my wife to come read it to me while I drew on a piece of paper. Numbers Ten tells the sequence in which the tribes of Israel marched through the desert. I drew circles in a row and put the names of the tribes in them. Suddenly I saw the key was the birth order of the original sons! In the middle of the procession of Israelites as they marched across the desert, Simeon, the second son was followed by Gad, the seventh son and … you guessed it … Levi, the third son. So the church truly was hidden in Israel from the very beginning.

Paul said he was being poured out as a drink offering. Christ is our atonement as symbolized by various animal sacrifices, but drink and meal offerings (“supplemental offerings”), were “poured out” on the altar with the sacrificed animal. We the church do not atone for sins by our suffering, but we share in His suffering. In Numbers chapter 15 a certain fractional quantity of each of the three kinds of supplemental offerings are poured out on the altar with sacrifice of three beasts, a lamb, a ram, and a bull, each animal representing an aspect of Christ himself. Those quantities, expressed in decimal fractions are: 0.10, 0.25, 0.25, 0.20, 0.33, 0.33, 0.30, 0.50, 0.50. Their total is 2.76, which says to me that BOTH the church, (273), and the leadership, (3), are supposed to be on the altar with the Lord!

Some time in the first year of the 273 3 Revelation the Lord spoke to me that He was going to show us a piece of land to buy. I was sure that He meant this would be right away. Wrong. Seven years after the Revelation, in August of 2002, He said “I’m about to show you the land”. We asked a Montanan prophetess to pray for us to hear the Lord in this regard. She emailed me on 3 SEP 2002, the 13th anniversary of Open Door Fellowship, the church I pioneered, with the following words: “Mile Thirteen”. I had the sense, that, though the word was about the church, it was also about the land we would be shown.

Two months later a friend told me about a fellow who knew a realtor who had a large tract of land for sale. That night I was going to tell my wife about the land. I opened my mouth to tell her, but before I said a word, she said “Stop! I just saw a vision.” I asked, “What did you see?” She said, “I saw a large thumb print.” I laughed and said, “I was about to tell you about a piece of land I learned about today. I have no idea where it is, how big it is, or how much it costs, but I believe we are going to buy it!”

The realtor told us to meet him at the intersection of US 231 and Hobbs Island road. We met him there in our farm pick-up. He told us to follow him to the land in our vehicle. I decided to see if it would be 13 miles to the land. Sure enough, at mile thirteen I was overlooking the most beautiful valley I’d ever seen. But I was also transfixed by what I could see my odometer was about to “say”. When the realtor had us stop our vehicle on the land and ride with him so he could show us the corners of the property, our odometer was on 133, 273.3 miles! (And the “133” is a reference to Psalm 133, I believe.)

Then the Lord said, “Now I’ve shown it to you, but you can’t buy it till I tell you.” Two and a half years later, on the tenth anniversary of the tornado that sent me to Toronto, He said: “Go buy it.” During the two and a half year wait He had told me that the “273 degrees and 30 minutes from Greenwich England line, (which is 86 degrees and 30 minutes in regular speak), that that particular line runs through the ranch! Charles Payne bought some geological maps to see if I’d heard right, and sure enough, the line goes through the land!

So, in 2005 we bought the land. My “chutzpah” was a little intimidated by the fact that it was 532 acres of prime river bottom land, but we mortgaged everything in sight and did it anyway. It was crop land that I immediately planted in pasture and fenced, making a “farm” into a “ranch”. It’s in a tiny place called Cloud’s Cove, a three sided community bounded by the Tennessee River on one side, the Flint River on another side, and a steep mountain on the third side. There is only one road in – one road out!

Though we had never heard of Cloud’s Cove, the land was famous within the county for its history of keeping the law out and conducting illegal activities and bloody feuds with no outside interference. Its dark history includes the mistreatment of the Native Peoples and the murder of blacks by both the whites and the red people. Thus, we believe the enemy has tried to defile by bloodguilt what he recognized as a special place, much as Jerusalem is some of the most blood soaked ground on earth.

Why the two and a half year wait before the Lord allowed us to buy it? One thing the Lord showed me, (after the fact), was that the Albrights had come to America in 1732. 273 years later, in the 3rd month, (3 March 2005), we bought the property. (I believe the Lord has shown me that there is a prophetic connection with these things and the Albright family.)

The universally asked question is, “So what? What does all this mean? Where is this going?” The Lord has been gradually painting a picture for us since the beginning of the Revelation that looks something like this: The best of times and the worst of times are coming. Darkness and even thick darkness will be on groups and individual people. Glory will also be on groups and individuals. There will be a time when the majority of the planet will be populated by those hosting darkness. But the light will shine in the darkness and the Gates of the Dominion of Darkness will not prevail against against the Church. There will be places that have been appointed by the Lord and sanctified by His people that will be hubs of activity during the time of transition into what will eventually be the Reign of Jesus Christ, bodily, on the Earth. Those places will have something to do with planning, organizing, gathering, and sending. I believe they will be like Airports or train stations with people going and coming all the time, some or all being “transported” by the Spirit.

The message and modus operandi will be love. The Disciple’s Cross will be willingly embraced because of sincere devotion to Christ. No one will be looking for what is in it for self. We will serve for “nothing”, for the sheer joy and honor of seeing the Lamb receiving the Reward of His Suffering.

There is a lot I don’t know about what God is doing, even in our tiny little corner of the Kingdom. But every word I have recorded here is as accurate as I can make it, and most of it is verifiable by examination of the unforgeable evidence or talking to the living witnesses I have cited. On the other hand, I have told less than half of the part of the story that I know about. There is a DVD that describes what happened when God married the 273 3 Revelation to the blowing of 300 shofars on 07 07 07 at Titan Stadium in Nashville, Tennessee. If you want to have your faith in God’s total sovereignty strengthened, get a copy of it. That tale is better seen than read.

Miles Wylie Albright