This book is a study of the mid-section of First Samuel, chapters 13 through 26. I will be referring many times to the chapters that precede this section, but the core of my interest is these fourteen chapters. I believe God has given me a “writing block” at the end of chapter 26. I hope someday to be able to write beyond it, but this is all the “writing grace” I seem to have at this point.

There are a great many things that I will have to say in this book that will require a number of pages for me to prove to you. Some may seem “a little out there” at first. I beg your indulgence until I have time to develop what I am saying, but it is necessary to say these things before I prove them so that you can see where we are going as we are going there.

First Samuel is definitely my favorite Old Testament book, and teaching the Old Testament is my life. Insofar as my life will count for something, the pages of this book will be a large part of my contribution to the kingdom. I hope and believe you will enjoy this book, the Word of God, and this particular aspect of the glory of God Himself.